9 Cool Accessories Every Guy Must Have

Women take ages getting ready, applying make-up, matching their accessories, squeezing into their favorite dress, and doing their hair. So, when a guy is perfectly put together, they will definitely notice. Here are 9 accessories every guy must have. Remember, having good accessories will make you stand out from 99 percent of guys.


In general, necklaces are considered the most important of all accessories for men as they’re the most noticeable. If you like to pull girls from clubs, it’s amazing because a necklace stands out and is something a woman can grab or play with.

So, make sure to get a cool necklace. Believe you me, you’ll not regret it. And they aren’t even that dear. Surely, you can afford a $15 necklace—otherwise you need to re-assess your life.


Watches are another essential part of guys’ accessories and, depending on your attire, could be the most essential. For instance, if you’re dressed in a suit, a watch is a must as a necklace won’t even be seen.

When it comes to choosing a watch, style is what matters most because, truth be told, nobody cares about the price of your watch. What matters is how fun and interesting you’re to be around. So, you don’t have to spend a few thousand bucks on a watch. An inexpensive watch that looks great will more than suffice.


Sometimes you don’t feel like wearing a watch, for some reason. Perhaps you’re going clubbing where thugs abound, or you’re traveling to some sketchy place overseas. Either way, wristbands make a great alternative to watches.

Wristbands are a nice alternative—they add some flair to your attire, and are less cumbersome. They’re one of the best accessories available for guys. They are lightweight, inexpensive, and give your outfit some edge.


Many guys don’t replace their wallets for years. Wallets store our identification documents as well as the money we work so hard for. Be sure to find a quality, affordable wallet to replace your old one. Avoid huge, chunky wallets though. They unnecessarily bulge your pocket and make you look dumb. Sometimes, it’s difficult to fit them in your pocket (if you’re wearing skinny jeans). Get something you can comfortably fit into your packets, for goodness sake!


Rings are a chic addition to any attire, but make sure to not over do it. You just need one. If you have a ring that reminds you of something special, that’s great. Something like a sports team, a college, etc., would be better than a random ring. Having accessories that mean something to you is always so much better than buying some random stuff online.


The archetypal cool guy accessory. Every bad guy that’s ever featured in a film has a lovely pair of sunglasses. In fact, one of the best accessories for men is sunglasses, as they can complete any outfit.

When choosing sunglasses, choose a unique design and whatever tint you fancy, as long as it matches your outfit. For example, if you wear lots of white or blue clothes, maybe consider going for a lighter tint, such as silver or blue.


There’s nothing complicated about belts. The belt you wear must match the shoes you’re wearing. If it’s black shoes, put on a black belt. Plain and simple.

For anything else in between (blue shoes, gray shoes), just ensure it matches your watch. If you’re putting on a black or silver watch, put on a black belt. If you’re putting on a beige or brown watch, put on a brown belt.

Despite this simple fashion rule, virtually every man breaks it. Don’t be one of them.  Belts are an important part of men’s accessories, so women will notice if you know how to properly wear belts.

But remember one thing: the buckle is what matters most when it comes to belts. Always go for a normal or cool buckle, not some weird, flashy buckle as it will just make you look like an idiot. Of course, your belt should match your shoes or other accessories, as well, but people are mainly going to notice the buckle.


If you like to listen to some music at work, home and wherever it’s convenient, you can’t do without a quality pair of headphones. Get a nice pair that will help improve the quality of sound and help block out unnecessary noise in the background.


Every guy must have a tie, whether it’s for work or a special occasion, such as a wedding. The right tie shouldn’t look outrageous, but should speak understated class. If you do not need many, find one that you can easily match with whatever suit or shirt you wear.

These men’s accessories can help you look much better. Others are simply functional (and made to last). But they all are essential as they’ll improve you as a man. So, go ahead and start shopping.