9 Healthiest Sports to Keep You in Shape

Staying in shape requires physical activity. Although many people like to go work out in the gym, it’s not the only option for you to get fit. One of the best ways to get that much-needed physical activity for a healthy, fit body is to play sports.

Unlike exercising in a gym, there’s a competitive edge to sports, and everyone will most probably find the best sport for themselves. However, before you get into sports, be sure to observe some safety precautions in order to minimize and prevent injuries. Having said that, here 9 amazing sporting activities you should try out.


Swimming is an incredibly amazing physical activity that’s good for your heart. Moreover, it’s a low-stress sport. As well as burning calories, it helps you maintain a healthy weight, builds muscles and improves lung capacity. And the best part of swimming is that it may be done at any pool any time of the year.


Playing tennis is one of the best ways to burn tons of calories while at the same time building endurance and muscle strength. Tennis requires a fair amount of explosive strength as well as deceleration and will help build everything, including your core, shoulders, legs, arms, and nearly everything else. You can practice your skills against a wall or play with someone else to get shape.


Other than the ball and basket, plenty of running, speed and agility, basketball has no other requirement. This sport is ideal for tall people with a great vertical leap and you can get that sought-after vertical leap through constant practice. Nonetheless, basketball can help work your body and let you lose some weight whether you join a team or practice on your own. Find leagues in your local area and join one. Don’t worry about your ability; unless your mates play in the NBA, you’ve got nothing to worry about.


Running is the best sport for those who don’t want to handle equipment. In addition to not requiring equipment, you can run on your own or join a running club near your home. You can run any time and anywhere; you can even run on a treadmill indoors to complement another favorite sport of yours, or just for pleasure.

Although running may seem easy, there are actually plenty of things that happen in your body while you run.  Running can increase your heart rate and help bring down your weight. However, be wary of running too much as it can cause knee soreness, plantar fasciitis, and shin splints. If you find running alone boring, find a group to run with. You can do competitive running eventually, but start slowly by trying shorter races first.


Having a strong, lean, and healthy body are just some of the advantages of gymnastics. Don’t worry if you’re an adult; you aren’t too old to train for gymnastics as many schools also train adults. Have an ice pack on hand for muscle strains and joint soreness which are quite common in gymnastics. Moreover, gymnastics is an amazing way to get your children to play sports early, while you get into shape too.


The typical cycling season takes place in the summer where millions of races and events happen every year worldwide. You don’t have to be competing in any race to get started in this wonderful sport. Make sure to read this webpage here before you buy your bike. If you’re a beginner, there are plenty of exciting cycling classes just about everywhere. This sport is a low-impact method to burn tons of calories, and it also strengthens your brain and makes you happier.


Volleyball is one of the healthiest sports to take part in as it increases metabolic rate, strengthens coordination, builds agility, improves mood and, of course, burns lots of calories. According to Harvard Medical School, you can burn 90-133 calories in a 30-minute game of non-beach, non-competitive game of volleyball, depending on your weight. On the other hand, a competitive volleyball game can help you burn 120-178 calories in the same time.


According to Forbes, squash has been the world’s number one healthiest sport for several years in a row. This sport burns calories, increases flexibility, improves aerobic fitness, develops power and strength, and enhances hand-eye coordination.


Soccer is the number one sport in the world, of course. It’s one of the few sports that require a prolonged and more varied kind of running, and which provides numerous benefits and to get a top star years and years of pratice. Some of them include increased power and strength in the legs, increased endurance, more muscle, less fat, as well as improved foot-eye coordination.