Back Pain in Educators

Educators are a special group of professionals that make you learn and help give your kids a future. However, while at it, they face very many challenges, some that lead to health issues. These health issues include headaches, insomnia, back pain, neck and shoulder pain. More often, the number one concern for teachers is back pain due to standing.

Whether you are a nursery school teacher or you teach college students, job-related back pain can be avoided or reduced. This is true if you know how to manage the pain without breaking the back.

What Causes Back Pain in Educators?

Teachers opt to stand in a “lecture-style” for hours on end, putting an extra burden on the lower back and the legs. This leads to poor posture. They stand on a hard surface for hours, which takes a toll on the legs after too much standing.

While the educators have to monitor the work of the students, they usually opt to stoop over the kids at the desks. For some, they have to sit at a desk to grade assignments, poring over poor handwriting for hours on end. This leads to poor posture, which can make it hard for them to avoid back pain.

As the teachers move around from one class to the next, they have to lug around heavy books or teaching aids. Most teachers don’t understand proper lifting techniques and end up straining their backs trying to carry these items around. So, proper lifting techniques are crucial to the prevention of injury and back pain.

Teachers in primary school and early education classes spend more than 20,000 hours sitting on chairs and using desks that are designed for kids. This is for the sole purpose of showing the kids how easy it is to stay in their seats, and leading by example. While in the classrooms, these teachers have to condone with extra-low sinks and whiteboards that are ideal for the little ones – not to mention having to sit on the floor with the students. This can result into one issue – back pain that gets worse day in day out.

How Can You Handle This Situation?

As a teacher, it is ideal for you to get the right furniture for your body type. The furniture should be ergonomically designed to make sure you get the support you need from it. Instead of standing for hours on end each day, it is advisable that you find a high stool with back support to use for the sessions.

To complement the stool, get an adjustable height table that you can use to read your notes as you present them to the class.

Many teachers look down on this option, but you are better off transporting heavy equipment from classroom to classroom using a trolley designed for the task.

If it is time to grade the work of the students, then make sure you stand up and regularly walk to keep the blood flowing in the body.

When it comes to hard surfaces, try and use comfortable shoes that provide the support you need. Additionally, maintain workstations that are ergonomically correct.

And when everything else fails, you need to have a full body electric massage mat. You can check the available ones at Free Your Spine and pick a suitable one for your home and budget.

The Conclusion

Teachers go through a lot to impart some knowledge in eager minds. While at it, they go through some challenges, especially with their backs. The best way to combat this is to use ergonomic furniture and make sure the teachers have frequent breaks especially when grading.