Care of Circular Saw Blades

A quality circular saw is a great asset to every woodworker.  You can do several things to maintain the life and cutting quality of saw blades. It is important to preserve the value of your blades through handling and storing them correctly. It does not matter whether you have a fine-quality blade, if you do not take proper care of it, it will be damaged faster than you can imagine. Today, let us look at some quick tips that can help you increase the effectiveness and durability of your circular saw blade.

Take Care When Shipping The Blades

Ensure that you use the right containers when shipping circular saw blades. When packing two or more blades in the same container, place them in a way that prevents the blades from rubbing against each other.  This will prevent them from chipping. If possible, wrap each blade separately to avoid breakage. Even if you want to ship just one blade, make sure that you secure it by wrapping it properly. Note that if the blades are destroyed during shipping, you will incur additional costs in replacing them.

Proper Storage and Handling

Circular blades need proper handling to remain in good working condition. You need to pay attention to how you use, clean and store them. One major aspect of handling saw blades is in using the right blade for the right purpose. For instance, do not use a blade that is meant for wood to cut plastic or acrylic.

Using the wrong blade for a quick cut is dangerous. Another thing that you should never do is to place the circular saw blade on cement or steel surfaces. This will chip the blades or make them blunt. Store each blade separately in a box or drawer, or hang it on a peg. Make sure that the storage area is free from dampness. Otherwise, the blades may rust.

Purchase a Carrying Case

Consider getting a runner carrying case, which is known to prevent damage during shipping and storage. The case is made of plastic material, and it can accommodate at least ten blades. The runner is designed to hold the blades firmly in place. It also has a handle for high portability. Most woodworkers use the case to protect their blades from any destruction.

Use the Saw Blades Properly

Operate your circular saw blade from Saw Blades Only properly to raise its life and performance.  Before installing your blade, ensure that the machine is off and the guard is in its proper space. Do not overuse the blade to avoid overheating it as this can cause fragments to fly from your workspace and injure you or the operator.

Clean Your Blades Carefully

As much as you need to keep your blades clean, do not use a wire brush. Instead, use a brass or nylon brush. A clean blade performs better than a dirty one. If you allow dirt and other debris to accumulate around the blade, it becomes dull and requires a lot of effort to operate. This will also reduce the number of times needed to sharpen the blade. Always wear heavy-duty gloves to free yourself from any injuries.

Organize For In-factory Sharpening and Repairs

Identify a company that does in-factory sharpening and get their services. However much you try to maintain your blades, they will get blunt occasionally. The blade may be damaged when in use and you do not want to keep carrying it to a repair company all the time. In case you need your blades sharpened or repaired, arrange with a repair company so that they can send someone to do this work within your shop.  These companies utilize high-speed machines to sharpen and repair your blades. This way you will be able to save time and transport costs.

Final Word

Besides sharpening your blade, you can get several other services from repair companies. These include replacement of tips, straightening bent teeth, tightening the bore, welding broken parts, and opening gullets. These companies have the expertise required to handle all types of circular saw blades. If you need to send your damaged blades to any of these companies, make sure you package them well to avoid further damage. You will be surprised at how some of these companies can make your blade to look as good as new.