Classic Cars Need the Right Kind of TLC

Owning a Classic Car is not only a sign of prestige, but it is also a way to connect with the past. Maybe your car has a link to your great grandparents, or maybe you just appreciate the quality workmanship of yesteryear. If you are one of the lucky ones that can afford to own a classic car, then you’ll want to keep good care of it Classic cars need a little more tender loving care than any modern car that the ‘average Joe’ drives.

Whether you own a Chevrolet or a Pontiac, there are some important things you should do to take care of your prized automobile.

Regular Servicing

You may think you can take care of everything yourself, but it can be easy to miss things. Having a professional take a look at your car is a good idea. Look around for a reputable vehicle maintenance provider that knows premium and classic cars. The guys at PMWltd for instance, really know their stuff. From BMW to Mercedes Benz, they’ll take good care of your pride and joy.

Keep It Clean

Even if you don’t take your classic car out on the open road, it can still get dirty from dust and general debris. It is important to keep your car clean, not only because it looks good, but to keep it in prime condition. A build-up of grime, mud or even bird droppings, can damage your cars paintwork, making it look less appealing and lowering its value. Dust and grime under the hood can lead to wear and tear of moving parts, leading to poor performance and costly repairs down the track.

Give your car a gentle wash by hand with a soft cloth, or an old cotton t-shirt that you no longer wear. Use quality car wash detergent that won’t harm your paint work and rinse thoroughly afterward. After washing away any dirt, dry with a chamois to avoid water marks. Finally, give your paint work a coat of wax for a glorious ‘just rolled off the show room floor’ shine.

Cover her Up

It’s a great idea to keep your car covered when in storage and in poor weather conditions. Covering your vehicle may prevent damage from harsh weather such as UV fading from intense summer heat waves. Covering your vehicle also protects the paintwork from dust or animals landing and climbing all over it.

Store it correctly

As well as keeping your car covered, you should also consider where and how you store your vehicle. Garaging it is fine but is it secure? Do you garage it at a shared facility? Do they have CCTV to keep an eye on who comes and goes? If it is private, what type of locks do you have? Even if it is indoors you should still keep I covered to keep stray cats and other wild animals off your car.

Get the Right Insurance

Owning a Classic car isn’t just a hobby, it’s an investment. Just as you would your house or any other investment, make sure that you have the right insurance cover. Depending on the type of vehicle you have, you probably won’t be able to just pop down to the local parts dealer to replace something if it is damaged or stolen. Even something as small as a tail light can become very expensive to replace if it were to be accidentally damaged.

Drive it!

Unless you have bought a vehicle that isn’t running for the purpose of restoring it, then take it for a drive! These beautiful cars were made to be driven, not stored away in a cold, brick garage. Taking your car for an occasional drive will ensure that the moving parts don’t become seized up. As long as you keep your car registered, insured and regularly serviced, there is no reason not to take it for a spin. Life is short. Join a classic car club, go on car-club drives, get plenty of photos with it and make the most of your cherished automobile.

Put it in your will

No one like to think of these things, but what would happen if you were to pass away? Do you really want your teenage child that is just getting their license to get the keys to your classic? Maybe you would like it to be donated to a car museum. Perhaps you have a sibling or an old childhood friend that you want it to be passed on to. If your classic car is a part of you, your memory will live on with whomever your beloved car is passed on to.