Companies Are Adding Better Office Space And Perks To Their Employees

Big companies are starting to really invest in their office space. Companies like Google and Apple are starting to include perks such as pool rooms, free snacks, free bikes, and even free car washes. A decade ago these kinds of perks would be considered crazy.

Traditional business people would say “Are you crazy? This is a workspace, not a playground.” But the problem with that quote is that as traditional business leaders retire, younger business leaders are starting to step into their shoes. With this flow of new younger people, office spaces are being revitalized into a place where employees actually want to come to work in, not a place that they dread coming to every morning.

Research shows that when an employee is happy with the company they work for and the space that they work in, they are much more motivated to work harder because they have a loyalty and a bond to the company that treats them well. There is actually an office space revitalization war going on between big tech companies on who can provide bigger and better places to their employees.

Great workspaces have not been limited to the United States. In major hubs around the world such as Singapore, more and more companies are designing workspaces with their employees in mind. One of the top multi-family office in Singapore are building brand new offices with these principles in mind.

Google started the trend of creating excellent perks to offer their employees. Their great new working spaces and their new ideas on how to work has sparked a big battle in the tech industry. Instead of telling employees what they should be working on and how they should be working, Google is now allowing employees to choose exactly what they work on and how they work.

If a “Googler” (this is what Google employees proudly call themselves) wants to work on a new Google website, they can easily join the group that is producing that website. If a Googler wants to work on building a new search engine, they can also easily join that group. Perks include free laundry service, free car washing, free food and snacks, and a lot more.

Employees are starting to request these perks when they go to job interviews, and the amazing thing is that companies are starting to comply with these requests to attract and retain good talent to their work force. When it comes to talent companies know that if it is fleeing it is hard to get work done especially tenhnical work.

Employees are also requested new designs for workspaces. Instead of the traditional model, a big room with a bunch of desks, employees want big open spaces and easy access to the outside. These new designs allow employees to be more creative and carefree in their work which enhances productivity. New office space that is being built are starting to comply with these design request by employees so that when future companies move in they do not have to change it at a later date.

In the modern digital age, it is hard to attract talent because of man big companies throwing cash, benefits, and perks at employees to attract them to sign with them instead of the competition. This has sparked a battle of who can provide the most between big companies. If your company is not thinking forward like this, then less and less talent will come to your company. Instead, they will go to your competition, which will result in you losing profit. No one likes to lose profit in the business world.