Cosmetic Surgery Negligence Issues

Two decades ago, cosmetic surgery was exclusively for the high and mighty in society. Times have changed, and currently, cosmetic procedures are common and continue rising in popularity.

Going through the procedure is daunting. The first task is finding a registered clinic with an experienced surgeon to perform the procedure. The facility ought to make sure you get the right treatment before and after the procedure. Sadly, this isn’t what normally happens. Negligence claims after botched cosmetic surgical procedures are commonplace. The Medical Negligence Experts understand what needs to be done by the medical team, and are here to help you get justice when something goes wrong.

The Duty of the Surgeon and His Team

The medical professions who carry out these procedures must perform the surgery properly and ensure your safety and well-being before, during and after the procedure. When something goes wrong that ought not to have happened, the surgeon must be held accountable. This is because cosmetic surgery negligence can lead to long-standing physical as well as psychological damage.

Common Cosmetic Surgery Issues

The top cosmetic surgery procedures include tummy tucks and breast enhancements. The most common claims for compensation, therefore, involve these procedures. Common complaints include excess fats resulting from a botched tummy tuck, lop-sided breast implants and scarring due to a poorly-performed surgical procedure. Other common complaints include infection to open wounds, poor eyesight after laser surgery and complications due to poor aftercare.

Other patients complain of improper preparation whereby they aren’t well-informed about the potential risks of the upcoming surgery. Failure to explain the risks and possible outcomes of the procedure doesn’t give the patient enough time to prepare for any eventuality – this is a bad surgical malpractice. The surgeon ought to obtain informed consent from the patient before taking up the task as well.

Another common issue arises during the post-surgical phase. Contracting an infection doesn’t point to medical negligence, but the failure of the medical staff to notice the signs of an infection is the main issue. This is because failure to identify and treat an infection can be worse than an infection that is treated early.

How Does This Affect You?

Most cosmetic surgeries are correctly handled, but inevitably there are some times when the procedures go wrong. The impact could be emotional or physical. Emotionally, you get disappointed because the surgical procedure failed to achieve what you desired. You also end up depressed after spending so much time and money on the procedure only for it to be unsuccessful.

Physically, the surgery might lead to further issues with the body part. For instance, instead of enlarging the breasts, the procedure ends up causing uneven positioning of your nipples. It can also lead to unsightly scars when in essence the scar ought to go unnoticed.

How Can a Professional Lawyer Help?

When a cosmetic surgeon is responsible for a wrongful procedure, you can claim compensation. Compensation comes in two forms: filing for damages due to the physical injuries that you have sustained and filing for compensation so that you can go for restorative procedures to correct the physical anomalies due to the surgery.

The cosmetic industry isn’t as regulated as the general medical field. When dealing with such an industry that isn’t entirely regulated, you might find it difficult to know what to do. This is where medical negligence experts come in.

The Bottomline

As much as cosmetic surgical procedures are beneficial to your well-being, they can also lead to complications when handled poorly. If you are a victim of a botched surgical procedure, consult with a professional lawyer to know what to do next so that you get compensated.