Love is beautiful, and he that loves and gets it back is a blessed soul. The idea of dating has been there for long. To some, it is fun but may also come with its share of challenges. There are those that break the relationship before marrying while there are others who marry their first love. All situations are different, but there must be love if you want to succeed. Every society expects so much from a man in every situation. It thus makes the dating journey for men harder than it should be. The following are simple tips to make your dating smooth

Spend time together

The modern technology is making many people lose their personal touch in relationships. You may think that making video calls, texting and emails will make your relationship stronger which is not true. Create time in your busy schedules and meet physically. You cannot know the character of a woman through the phone, but you learn when you spend time together. You can start with public places, go on a road trip or even watch a movie together. Sometimes you may have to sacrifice your time, but it is worth it if you want a healthy relationship.

Be yourself

The high rate of divorce in the current world is somehow alarming. One of the major causes is because many people enter into marriages without knowing the character of the partner. Let the one you are dating to know your both positive and dark sides. You do not have to hide under a false character because your spouse will eventually unmask it and it will never be the same again. Be real and do not try to change so that you can fit into the relationship. Your date will also open up when she learns that you are real.

Don’t rush things

You may have heard of people who marry after dating for seven years while others do it after three months. There is no timeframe but ensure that you take your time to learn and understand each other. You do not have to rush into a relationship only for you to learn later that you married the wrong person. Explore the hobbies of your dream girl and evaluate whether they are compatible with what you wish. Meet her friends and also let her meet people in your circles as they are an essential pillar in every relationship.

Be confident

You may find it hard being yourself in the first few dates, but you will pickup as time goes by. Ladies want confident men who they can show off to their friends. Learn how to use your body language and always wear a smile. Take care of your body and eat healthy foods to give you that sharp look. Wear decent clothes that will make you appear presentable everywhere that you go. Everyone has his or her flaws but do not focus so much on your dark side. Pick topics that you are passionate about as it makes it easy for you to converse.

Listen to your lady

You may be the talkative type, but ladies want someone who can listen to their monologues. They want someone who pays attention as they lament about their work or even friends. Do not compete to talk every time that she brings up a topic. Chip in whenever it is necessary but be moderate in your talks. Involve gestures to show that you are listening and get every detail of the conversation. Ladies seem to open so fast to men when they find one who cares to listen.

Avoid distractions

Nothing sucks like when you are in a deep conversation with your lady only for your phone to ring. It is also bad manners to start checking on your phone and replying to texts when you are out on a date. Switch off your phone if you have to and give your lady all the attention that she requires. You can also choose good locations for your date and avoid distractions that may come your way. Your dates can be in public places but somewhere with loud music is not desirable because you will not hold meaningful conversations. Avoid talking so much about your exes as you may end up comparing your lover to the ex. You can have a word or two on why you broke up but do not take it too far.

Dating does not have to be hard if you follow the above tips. Once you establish that you are compatible, then you can take your relationship to the next level and propose. A diamond ring can send the right message as it shows that she is precious. You can have a look over here and learn how to select the best ring for your special lady.