Embarrassing Instagram Marketing Mistakes to Avoid

Instagram is a powerful platform to tell your story in a visually inspired way. When used the right way, it can make your brand stand out, but if used the wrong way, it can lead to goofs and fails of immense proportion. Let us look at some mistakes that have happened in the past and how to avoid them.


One of the biggest goofs of all time happened to a company that promised a swimsuit for anyone who reposted or tagged on a promotional picture within a period of 24 hours. They didn’t expect the post to go viral, with a total of 3,000 users doing just that in just a few hours. They just couldn’t keep up with the demand and soon negative reviews started cropping up, with their inboxes becoming full of complaints from angry customers.

A second post appeared from the company stating that they could recap the promotion. This didn’t go down well with the followers, eliding to a mass unfollowing.

Fact: As a brand looking to make it big on Instagram; you need to promise what you can handle. What you need is to come up with a realistic promise, say, giving the first 200 people a sample of your product. Remember, that any slip-up and the users come after your scalp.

Hijacking Strange Hashtags

The internet is full of strange hobbies and unique passions. One of the top companies made a small mistake that made it a laughing stock of the entire community. The company, a baking conglomerate ended up hijacking a hashtag for an online community that dresses up as cartoon animals. The aim was noble – to highlight a tasty recipe made by the company’s followers. Any follower that rushed to the hashtag was immersed in a world of furries.

Although it was for all the right reasons, the company could have avoided the mistake if it had taken some time to research about the hashtag.

Fact: Before you launch a hashtag campaign, make sure you undertake the right research to avoid some awkward scenarios. Before Instagress.com shutting down, you could undertake all the research you needed using the tool. Fortunately, IncomeArtist.com offers you a host of alternatives to help you get back on your feet.

Failure to Respond Appropriately

A makeup company run into problems when it admitted that it had known about vulnerabilities with their system without taking the right steps. Users had bought items on their website only for their credit card information to get hacked. The company denied any knowledge of the issue, but never apologized to the affected users nor did they commit to changing their security. They continued just as if nothing happened.

Fact: You need to learn how to respond to various posts left by users. If it is a complaint, you need to respond appropriately. If it is a question, provide an answer.

Final Words

These are some of the biggest mistakes that brands have made on Instagram. Take care not to make the same mistakes because a single mistake can take you from hero to zero on Instagram.