Stones surfaces, porcelain and hard ceramic – the perfect mix you keep your bathroom functional. Still, your bathing place can be unpleasantly cold during chilly mornings. Even then, it doesn’t have to be this way.

What follows is a rundown of practical ideas to spruce up things in your bathroom without leaving a hole in your wallet.

Pre- Warm your Towel


During winter, nothing made my day like wrapping a warm towel around my body after taking a shower. Sure, there are a couple of ways you can enjoy warm towels in your bathroom. For instance, you can toss them in your clothes’ dryer or keep them in your hot radiator for 10 minutes.

But, it makes more sense to invest in a high-quality towel warmer. See, apart from ensuring that your towels remain toasty, this gadget will also double up as your room heater.

Note – You can choose between freestanding, and wall mounted towel warmers depending on your bathroom’s design. The first type plugs into an electrical outlet while the latter requires hard wiring into your electrical system.

Pre Heat your Bathroom


Consider investing in a compact, highly portable heater. Why? Well, for starters, it helps keep your bathroom warm without leaving you with huge utility bills to pay. Even more impressive, can plug it into your GFCI outlet right inside your bathroom or outside and point in for about 15 minutes before you take a shower.

Safety Tips – Be sure to sue a space heater approved by the U.S Department of Energy. Be on the lookout for the UL certified label as well. What’s more? Never leave your heater unattended. Plus, you’re better off with a model that has an automatic shutoff.

Also, make sure that your heater is in low setting at night, especially if it is a programmable model. More specifically, let it run a home temperature for about 15 to 30 minutes before you get out of bed. The idea is to make sure that your bathroom is warm enough by the time you take your morning shower.

Warm your Bathroom with Plants


Yes, industry experts say that indoor plants can make your bathing place friendly. It has got to do with the way plants release moisture, thereby increasing the level of humidity in the air. The ripple effect is that your bathroom feels warmer.

Get Rid of the Exhaust Fan


You should ensure that you turn off your exhaust fan every time you’re taking a shower.  Why? Because it “pulls” the heated air and steam if you leave it running. Shut your bathroom door to prevent the heated air from escaping.

It is essential to mention that there’s no problem with turning on the fan after leaving the bathroom. That way, you will get rid of the moisture that can create an ideal environment for mold and mildew to thrive.

Unblock Heat Vents and Seal the Windows


It is worthless trying to warm your bathroom while it has gaps in the windows. So, seal all the windows with silicone caulk (it is the cheapest). You should be to make sure that you fill all the holes and gaps in and around the window frames.

Check to see if anything is blocking the source of heat in your bathroom. For instance, get rid of your hamper if it faces your heat vent directly.

Mount a Heated Bathroom Floor


You can increase the temperatures inside your bathroom if you install a heating floor. And, there are a couple of styles. The easiest to mount, however, is the electric mat. All you have to do is to embed a thin layer over the tiles. You’ll then connect it to your thermostat to enable you to manage the heat.

Change your Color Scheme


Did you know that the color in your bathroom can make it “cold?”  Yup, the wrong palate can mean that you’ll be feeling cold every time you step in your shower.

One of the easiest ways to bring in warmth into your bathroom is to fix the colors. Decorate with hues such as baby blue or white. Some yellows, reds, and pinks can also help you warm things up a little bit.

See? It isn’t that hard to make your bathroom warm!