Have a Small Kitchen But Love to Cook? Let an Immersion Blender Help

When it comes to cooking, success is dependent upon the tools used. Modern convenience has brought forth an amazing selection of gizmos that does everything from peeling, slicing, and coring fruits all at the same time to smart electronic devices that beep when bread dough is done proofing. Even a simple vegetable peeler has been improved, such as cushioned handles to provide a comfortable grip.

If the gadget is worth it, the cook is sure to have it. All that stands in the way of possessing every tool of convenience is space.

For those living in homes with spacious kitchens, there’s a permanent spot for all the tools. It’s the ultimate dream come true for those who enjoy cooking for themselves and loved ones. The cook has enough room and counter space for all the handy gadgets. But what about the person who loves to cook but doesn’t have the space to carry out all their culinary dreams?

Whereas spacious kitchens have gleaming stand mixers, high speed blenders, and possibly a bread machine placed on the counters, tiny kitchens are fortunate to have enough space to prep vegetables or mix ingredients for a special cake. It’s possible to do those things, but neither activity can occur in the same space or even at the same time.

But all is not lost.

Consider a small kitchen space from a creative angle. Instead of thinking of what isn’t possible, focus on figuring out a solution to the problem.

In the case of a blender, if your kitchen doesn’t allow it, scale it down to what it will allow. So the usual blender is out—it’s not the end of the world. This just means an immersion blender will have to do. What’s an immersion blender, you ask?

Immersion blenders, also known as handheld blenders or stick blenders, have come a long way. They can perform most of the same functions as a standard blender, but they truly shine in mixing or liquefying everything in one pot or bowl. There are some with sleek designs, such as those found at https://www.blenderfriend.com/immersion/, and others are even strong enough to give their high-powered cousins a run for their money. Although these blenders aren’t as strong as a high-speed blender, many of them have the same functions. Some even have an impressive assortment of settings. As long as the person understands how to use this kitchen tool, he or she can still produce amazing results.

Besides saving time in the kitchen, there are circumstances in which an immersion blender is ideal. The most obvious situation includes smoothing soups, such as butternut squash or tomato soup. It’s so much easier to blend everything in the pot. There’s less of a mess and fewer items to wash later on, which makes any cook happy.

Many immersion blenders come with attachments, so don’t think they’re limited to liquefying soups. The whisk attachment allows for mixing batters and whipped cream. Some models even include a chopping cup so everything is done in one shot, which saves time and again takes small spaces into consideration.

And if cooking isn’t your forte, but soap making is, an immersion blender comes in handy for that. Plenty of soap artists prefer this type of blender to make their cold or process soap. This tool saves them so much time and hand strength.

Storage isn’t a problem with this gadget either. Tuck it wherever it fits. If it’s a cordless model, that’s even better. However, if the blender has a cord, just make sure it’s wrapped securely. A few models come with a bag to keep all the attachments and blender together. Yes, they think of everything.

So having a small kitchen is not a valid excuse for not having the tools you need to cook delicious meals at home. Think of the positive aspects of a kitchen: there are fewer counters to clean, a smaller space to mop, and best of all you’ll only have the items out that you absolutely need.

In prioritizing which items are used most, this streamlines your cooking process, which saves you time in the long run so you can do other things. What other things? Perhaps you’ll research all the possible uses of an immersion blender and try them out.