Health Benefits of a Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike is designed so you can sit lower to the ground while your legs are in front of you, instead of sitting up with your legs under you. There are similar health benefits between a recumbent bike and a regular bike. Each provides cardiovascular exercise. The recumbent bike provides several health benefits.

Enhanced Strength and Weight Management

Cycling with a recumbent bike strengthens the large muscle groups in your legs and thighs in order to achieve lean body mass. Recumbent bikes can also be used for rehabilitation, especially for the elderly, to help them be able to sit and stand again or for step-up movements. In addition, recumbent bikes are beneficial to make it easier to lose weight or maintain weight.

Comfort and Safety

Because of the way the recumbent bike is set up, it’s actually safer than an upright bike because of the larger seat, lower height, and back support. Having the larger seat and the backrest is added support, especially for those who have impaired mobility or going through rehabilitation.

Less Stress on Hips and Knees

We all know some exercise machines can impact the knees and hips, making it hard to stay motivated. Who wants to exercise while they are in pain? However, with recumbent cycling, you don’t have to worry about pain in the hips and knees because this exercise machine provides less stress on your joints and bones, making it easy for even individuals with arthritis to take advantage of this. Recumbent bikes are great for extending the angle of the knee joint so your hip and knee won’t flex too much per every rotation. By having the back rest and the larger seat along with a semi-reclining position, it makes exercising more comfortable than getting a workout in with a traditional bike that has a small seat, forcing you in an upright posture.

Get Your Heart Rate Up

Sure, you can get your heart rate up with other cardio workouts, but why not do it the fun way with a recumbent bike. Getting your heart rate up is critical for your overall health. While staying in your suggested heart rate range for your age, etc. and by raising your heart rate through exercise, you can have a healthier resting heart rate. Not to mention, your heart can become healthier, and your cholesterol levels can even out and become more normal. Obesity and diabetes are at an all-time high. Did you know, just by exercising and reducing your weight, you can significantly drop your sugar levels to a healthier range?

The recumbent bike is essential for losing weight or maintaining weight. Excess weight can negatively impact your bones and joints, especially as you age. Your knees may hurt while walking and your back may give out easier. Although weight isn’t always the culprit for these issues, it is a very common cause. By exercising and getting rid of the excess weight or maintaining your healthy weight, you can reduce your chances of developing these issues. By going through reviews and product guides, you can find the right recumbent bike for you. Click here for recumbent bike reviews.