How Beginners Can Get Into Drumming Without Breaking the Bank

Before you jumpstart your drumming career, you will get to hear the word “cheap” on regular basis. You will understand it from a layman’s angle, for instance, a cheap meal is the one that will cost you little cash. Even though this is the basic explanation, cheap drum kits are a subject of disagreement when it comes to this definition.

Most beginners opt not to buy a drum kit thinking it is too expensive. Besides not buying a drum kit at all right at the start of your drumming endeavor, there’s also the option of going for one of the cheaper electronic kits out there, since that doesn’t necessarily mean to sacrifice quality. This review, for instance, argues that the Yamaha DTX450K is a good but very affordable electronic kit for beginners.

Why Buy This Kit from Yamaha?

The Yamaha DTX450K is perfect for beginners that are not even sure of playing the drums for an extended period of time. It is also ideal as a starter set because you can easily use it the way you want without worrying about spoiling it. Buying the Yamaha DTX450K means you get the kit that allows you to practice your drumming skills while giving you enough time to save money to buy a better drum.

If your dream is becoming the best drummer, then you need to consider such a drum kit, especially if you are a beginner or you are a student who is living on basic allowance. This beats the option of waiting for several months to save enough money to buy a high-end set.

Features of the DTX450K

You might wonder why the Yamaha DTX450K drum set is one of the most loved drum set so far. Well, for one, the kit has been manufactured using high quality material complete with all the accessories that come with high-end drum sets.

    1. The Bass Drum Pedal

The drum comes equipped with the Yamaha bass drum pedal. At a glance, you might write off the bass drum pedal as just a combination of a beater and a footboard. For a starter, you mind regard it just as a way to elicit noise by just stepping on the pedal. But there are a lot of pedals available on the market each coming with various features. The pedal from Yamaha is meant to make it easy for you to use and effective with little effort on your part. Your feet will definitely appreciate the pedal which provides an authentic feel to the kick drum.

The pedal is meant to make it easy for you to switch between an electronic and an acoustic drum set when the right time comes.

    1. TP70S Snare Pad

The Yamaha DTX450K comes with a new snare pad design that allows you to express yourself in three sound zones: the head, rim-shot and side-stick. The drum heads are responsive and will make for a great run anytime.

    1. Easy to Set Up and Use

This Yamaha kit has may options when it comes to adjusting the sound. The extended documentation makes it easy for you to assemble the set and start playing. The set is also light, allowing you to move it around effortlessly.

The set comes with a trigger module with custom-shaped action buttons illuminated with LED lights which make it easy to navigate and operate the set. You can mute the tracks and drum along to the inbuilt tracks. You can also import MIDI songs that suit your playing style.

The design of the Yamaha DTX450K drum set allows you to expand it by adding another pad. This means you can upgrade anytime. The pads are easy to use, which means you don’t have to strain to get the sound you need.

    1. Large Cymbals for Easy Drumming

This drum kit from Yamaha comes with 10-inch cymbals for extended comfort and feel. The rack is adjustable, allowing you to set the angle of the drums and the height to accommodate any drummer.

These 3 cymbals are mounted on sturdy chrome stand, all part of a steel rack to provide you with a solid foundation when drumming away.

The kit comes with a hi-hat that lets you play half-open. The aim of this is to keep the pace of your music tight during the session.

    1. Training Functions Ensure You Don’t Go wrong

When it comes to playing the drums, you need the right guidance and some hand-holding. The Yamaha DTX450K comes with 10 interactive training functions complete with voice guidance. You can always go back or move forward depending on what you need.

You also have access to a set of 10 preset kits that you can overwrite at anytime. You can load your own kits if these don’t suit your playing strategy. You can load new songs and kits via USB.

    1. Realistic Sound

One thing that is stress to any drummer is poor quality sound. Many drummers often complain that some drums just don’t sound right. This isn’t the case with this set from Yamaha. Although the price for this set isn’t as significant, the sound you are getting is pure and real. This is what amazes most of the drummers who have bought this drum set.

You have over 165 realistic sounds to choose from. These sounds have been recorded in stereo and are ready to use. Most of the sounds come from Yamaha’s popular acoustic drum kits. You can loop these sounds until you get them right.

    1. Everything Is Included

This set is much a complete drummer’s set in a package. The only thing it won’t have is the seat. Otherwise you are receiving a complete set of drums so you can start playing right away. All you need to do is set it up, grab your seat and you are on your way to a great training session.

In Closing

There you have it – the top reasons why cheap doesn’t necessarily mean low quality and poor performance. The Yamaha DTX450K has all you need to start drumming your way to gigs and to fame.