How to Buy the Best Hand Luggage

If you buy well-made and versatile luggage, it should last you for many years. It is therefore important that you find the right bags to suit all occasions. A check-in case would not be suitable for a quick one-night trip away. But if you buy hand luggage that is suitable for short trips, you can reduce the pieces of luggage that you need to buy.

You need to consider the practicalities of the luggage that you buy. To help you buy suitable luggage for all occasions check out a quality site such as Luggage on Tour. Here you can find information on the best pieces of luggage to buy and also reviews and comparisons.First you need to decide what you are going to use the piece of luggage for.

With more and more Airlines charging so much for hold luggage, more people are flying and just using carry-on luggage. Carry-on luggage bags are the one bag where you must be specific about the size of the piece of luggage.You need to decide on the features that you want from the carry-on bag before you buy it.


Your bags need to be less than 21 inches so that it can fit into the overhead luggage compartment. Most Airlines will only allow you to take one piece of cabin luggage so make sure that the bag you buy will be suitable and fit all your requirements. Note that if you buy a bag with handle and wheels, that both the handle and the wheels are included in the size of the bag.


Hand luggage bags with wheels are easier to move around whether it be around the airport or a train station.You can buy bags with either two or four wheels.Four wheels means you don’t need to tilt the luggage, but you can wheel it up right. Four wheel bags tend not to topple over as easily as two wheel bags. Decide whether you need wheels at all and if you do whether you want to or four wheels.


Even a smaller bag can be made more functional with two handles. One handle at the top and one at the side.This means you can pick it up from different angles. Many of the top handles are retractable so can be pushed down when not needed.


A small carry-on bag can be soft sided or hard sided. Many soft sided hand luggage cases can be expandable. This is a great option as it means you can use the bag for a weekend away and put more in it than when you are flying abroad.Hard sided suitcases are more rugged so might be more suitable for frequent travellers. These days hard sided suitcases are lighter than they used to be.


Hard sided cabin bags tend not to have any internal pockets. Obviously, they don’t have any outside pockets either. If this is something that you find useful then soft sided bags are a better alternative. Many have secure outside pockets for you to store documents and belongings you want to keep handy.


Backpacks have always been popular as carry-on luggage.This is because they are so easy to wander around carrying.If you don’t want wheels, these are a great choice.They are easy to use on other occasions other than when you fly too.The only downside is that you do need to carry them all the time. You can buy backpacks with wheels however these tend to be heavy so are not very suitable as hand luggage bags.

Duffel Bags

Another option that is popular is a duffle bag.Modern duffle bags are now equipped with wheels and a handle.This makes them quite a popular option as a travel bag.


Similar to a backpack, the holdall is popular for those only wanting carry-on luggage. Again, these now can come with wheels and handles but this has a weight implication.

Whatever bag you choose make sure that before you fly you check with your airline. A good carry-on bag will make your trip pleasant.A bag of the incorrect size or one that is uncomfortable to carry can make your trip a nightmare.