How to Throw a Children’s Birthday Party

Is your child’s birthday coming up? What better way to celebrate than throwing them a big party! Planning a children’s birthday party should involve the help of the birthday boy or girl themselves. They’ll likely have a lot of ideas on what they want at their party, so make sure they get a say in all the major decisions: the theme, the activities, and the cake. Planning a party together is a lot of fun and a great bonding experience for you both!

1. Start the party planning early

When it comes to planning any party — no matter how big or small — the earlier you start, the better. Begin your preparations at least five weeks in advance of the date you’d like to throw it, and certainly leave it no later than one month away. Getting organised well in advance means you’ll have a lot less to worry about closer to the date and on the day itself. It also means the whole buildup of excitement can start earlier, which is half the fun of a birthday party — for both you and your child!

2. Plan the guest list

First thing’s first: plan the guest list. The most important thing is that your child’s best friends are free on the date of the party. If they’re not able to come, you’ll have to switch the date to one they can do. Now you have the final date set, you can decide who else to invite. Parties that involve everyone in the class — or at least all of the boys or all of the girls — will avoid any children potentially feeling left out and upset.

Write your invitations and send them out at least three weeks before the date. Some schools allow invitations to be given out at school only if they involve the whole of the class (so no one’s feelings are hurt). Otherwise, you’ll want to send them directly to the home addresses. Make sure to include the date, location, and times, as well as if there’s anything guests should bring with them.

3. Decorating the venue

You may prefer to throw the party at your home, which will save money and make things simpler for you when you’re setting things up (you already have everything where you need it). If it’s summer, you could throw the party in a park (children love being outdoors). Alternatively, you could hire a out a local community centre — this should be booked weeks in advance.

When it comes to decorating the venue, you should do so according to your chosen theme; you’ll need streamers, balloons, and any other fun decorations. Most importantly, you’ll need enough tables and chairs to seat everyone. You’ll also need clean, colourful, high-quality table linen. The right table linen will really pull the room together and brighten up your space — see for yourself.

4. Planning the food

Most obviously, every birthday party needs a cake, whether you decide to make it yourself or buy it from a bakery. You can even have the cake match the theme of the party, which is a particularly fun idea everyone will love. As for the other food you serve, opt for things that are easy to make, serve, and eat. Laying out the food in bowls and containers will make even simple snacks seem special. Go for things like sandwiches cut into shapes, fruit salads, pizza bites, chips, and sweets — anything kids love to eat!

5. Planning the activities

Once the party begins, you’ll need to make sure there’s enough going on to keep all the children happy and entertained. Hiring a professional entertainer is a good option you might want to take advantage of. Balloon artists, magicians, face painters, DJ’s, and dance teachers are just some of the children’s entertainers you could have a the party. Choose something your child is already interested in if you can. Make sure you hire someone who can perform for the age group at your party.

Planning your child’s birthday party takes time and effort, but is so worth it in the end. Remember to have your camera with you at all times to take snaps whenever the moment strikes. You can even hire a professional photographer if you feel this would be easier. Lastly, make sure your child goes to each guest to thank them for coming at the end of the event — he or she can also hand out pre-prepared goody bags as everyone leaves as a nice final touch.