Ninja NJ600 Pro Blender Review

I like a product that is solid and sturdy, always have done. It doesn’t matter to me about the latest cutting edge technology as long as the product is built to last.

My old blender broke down finally after 8 years of constant usage, so I needed to buy a new one. The Ninja NJ600 Pro really appealed to me because of its solid and durable design.

Modern features

I needed a juicer that was durable and long-lasting. I am a bit tight with money, and when I buy something I expect it to last a long time and not break at the first time of asking. In the modern world, products are built to last a couple of years, so you can buy the next in their line of products, but not this one!

The Ninja NJ600 juicer received many favorable reviews online for the best blenders, so I thought it made sense to research this product. I like to make big batches of fruit shakes, and with the generous 72oz pitcher, there is lots of flexibility. This professional blender is used in restaurants and the like, so I knew it would be a solid piece of kit.

There is a 1000 Watt professional grade motor, perfect for heavy duty blending and processing. The Ninja 6-blade total crushing technology pulverizes your ingredients to death in a matter of seconds. This machine can even blast solid ice cubes into a powdery snow right before your eyes. Feel the power!

Design elements

This is a professional grade blender, and that’s why I was so intrigued. It has a solid and sturdy design, which is why it is usually a component of a restaurant’s kitchen, which really matched my specifications. I don’t have much time to mess about in my life, so it’s easy to clean features such as being dishwasher safe cuts down on time.

The Ninja total crushing technology makes this product perfect for crushing ice, blending fruits and vegetables, pureeing and controlled processing. The heavy duty design ensures that this is a product that would last the distance.Ninja Professional Blender (NJ600)To enable the user to go between different desired consistencies with ease, the Ninja NJ600 Pro Blender affords you the option of choosing between 3 varying speeds with the fastest producing the smoothest of outcomes.

These 3 speeds can be easily controlled via an electronic control panel which also features Ninja’s PULSE technology for added control on the consistency.

Advantages of using a quality blender

I want a blender that can stand the test of time and pressure. This Ninja NJ600 enjoys a solid commercial-grade design that can be used in restaurants. Although this a durable juicer, it still enjoys a compact and lightweight design, allowing you to easily store it on your countertop without it getting in the way.

The 1000 Watt motor and Ninja total crushing technology ensures that I would be able to easily blend and crush ingredients in under 10 seconds.

Disadvantages of using this blender

The only drawback with this product is that although it easily crushes and blends ingredients, the consistency isn’t that great. The reviews shows it tends to mince the ingredients instead of giving them that silky non-lumpy finish.