Health Benefits of a Recumbent Bike

A recumbent bike is designed so you can sit lower to the ground while your legs are in front of you, instead of sitting up with your legs under you. There are similar health benefits between a recumbent bike and a regular bike. Each provides cardiovascular exercise. The recumbent bike provides several health benefits. Enhanced […]

So You Want to Drive Your Own HGV?

Most HGV drivers don’t start out with the aim of working for themselves, or ‘going freelance’. They usually go through their training, sometimes self-funded, sometimes sponsored, and then go on to employment. For a long time, it was preferable to have an established company behind you. That way, you just turned up for work and […]

Simple Cooking Tips for Kids

Cooking is one of the skills few of us can do without. Most of us can’t afford to eat at restaurants every night, nor can we afford to have a maid do our cooking for us. That leaves us two options – learn how to cook or eat badly. Pretty much everyone prefers the former […]

Innovative Ways to be a Good Friend

Ask yourself ‘what makes a good friend?’ Is it just someone who you like and who likes you back? Is it someone you can trust? Some people might say that a good friend is someone who supports you no matter what. Others feel that a good friend is someone who you can be your real […]

The Best Time for Science Fiction Fans

When I was younger, I remember seeing the Encyclopaedia Britannica for the first time. There were thirty or so volumes, all with around a thousand pages containing articles about everything that was worth knowing. Whatever questions I had in my childish mind – why is the sun hot? Who decided that a week should be […]

This is How You Build Your Own Gym

If you’re at the gym a lot and you’re confident in using all the equipment, it’s possible that you’ve wondered whether you could build your own gym at home. This happens because you want to save time and money. Most of us are not lucky enough to have our favourite gym just across the road. […]