Winter is the ideal time for criminals and the simple reason is that it’s dark early during the winter season, plus of course the fact that many people aren’t at home. This is especially valid during Christmas or New Years’ Eve as everyone goes out to friends or friends visit them.

So it will be easy to notice based on how many cars there are in the street so it’s dead easy to pick a quiet spot where most of the lights are off, and even if they are on to ward against thieves you can take a quick peek inside or see if there are any cars or bicycles parked up front.

The number one way to protect your valuables

Consider hiring a self-storage locker during the days that you are gone, they aren’t too large in size and they are very affordable, especially if you only need it for a day or two. Do make sure you make a reservation as you won’t be the only one who thought about this of course.

It makes no sense to store your sofa or other furniture but it’s a good idea to lock up your electronic devices like your iPad, TV, DVD player and so forth. Other valuables like jewelry shouldn’t be kept in a self-storage facility and as it doesn’t take an awful lot of space you can probably keep it in your handbag, and in case you have important papers you can fill your laptop bag with them while keeping your laptop itself in another bag in storage.

Set up a neighborhood watch program

This is one of the best ways to keep you safe during the winter and the holidays, have one or more go on a patrol several times during the night. This will keep the criminals at bay for sure. Do make sure you rely on trustworthy people for this as there might be a thief amongst you so then that whole plan will fail. This is why it’s best to do this in groups of two or three people so that nothing bad can happen as people hold each other responsible.

Install a closed circuit security system

This doesn’t stop the more experienced thief but it will discourage amateurs so every little thing helps, most of the CCTV providers also provide you with stickers to put on your windows in a very visible way and you can even put one camera at the front and rear door so that they get spotted before they get the chance to take a peek inside.

Hire someone to babysit your house

I understand it can be difficult to find someone that guards your house but how about your teen that wants to hold a party with his friends. Let’s hope they won’t ruin your carpet or furniture though as you never know it with those youngsters, but at least you can be sure no burglar will take the risk to steal from a house with a bunch of drunk kids.

In Conclusion

I think we covered the most important aspects already and I would choose the first option, putting my electronic devices in storage as it will only cost a few dollars.