Recumbent Bike Features and Benefits

Staying fit without hitting the gym requires you to have the right home exercise equipment. One of the top alternatives you have is to buy a recumbent bike. It is a great choice because of various reasons. Let us look at the features and benefits that come with this exercise equipment.

The Features

The primary feature of this exercise bike is its ergonomic design. The bike has been designed with your safety in mind. The seat is set low and tilted back slightly to give you the right angle to perform your exercises without injuring your back. However, the bike allows you to change the position of the seat to an upright position or a fully reclining position. The seat position isn’t fixed; you can adjust it to a level and position that suits your body size. Compare this feature to a standard exercise bike’s seat whereby you are forced to remain in one position for the duration of the exercise.

Like other exercise bikes, you get to monitor your progress as you work out. A heart readout helps you to stay within your target zone while a calorie count shows you how many calories you have lost so far. These and other features make this bike beneficial to your exercises in various ways. Visit this link to check out various bikes and the special features of each.

Ideal for Recuperation

If you have a neck or back injury, then this is a great bike compared to the traditional upright one. You have the option of setting the perfect position that is comfortable for you. Using the recumbent bike doesn’t require you to use your hands to support the back while riding. Setting the right position reduces any strain on your waist, back and hands since you don’t have to bend over. So, you can build your leg and thigh muscles without injuring your back.

Riding these bikes places less strain on the knee and hip region. This means that this bike is suitable for patients who have arthritis. You can extend the seat so that the hip and the knee don’t flex with every rotation.

Best for Cardio workouts

These bikes are good for both beginners and experts. They also work well for all levels of fitness levels because you can set the level, and change levels as you upgrade. You can pedal without resistance as a beginner and set a difficult level as an expert. Doctors will recommend this bike if you need cardio exercise. Due to the pre-programmed workouts in this machine, you can increase the resistance levels so that you get your heart rate to the levels you wish.

Benefits for Patients who have Parkinson’s Disease

Studies show that regular exercises help patients suffering from Parkinson’s. Home exercise has been the number one recommendation by neurologists to their patients. Therefore, a home recumbent bike is the best alternative for you.

Parkinson’s disease is a condition that causes stiffness of joints and leads to poor coordination. Your body slows down, and you find it hard to perform daily activities. Studies show that if you ride the bike for one hour each day, the symptoms of this disease improve by up to 35 percent. However, get a bike with the right features to enjoy these benefits.

The Bottomline

Recumbent bikes are ideal for both experts and beginners, whether for exercise or for recuperation. The ergonomic design makes this bike easy and safe to use. The bike comes with various features that can make your home workout efficient. If you are recuperating from a condition such as back pain, you can use this bike to exercise other parts of the body as you recuperate without causing further injury.