Simplest Tricks To Give Your Thin Hair Some Volume

If you count yourself among those people with thin and soft hair, you probably know already that it maintains its fancy appearance for just a few hours after washing it. Sooner or later, it looks like it dies and gets stuck to your scalp. However, you can bring it back to life with a few simple tricks for volume. Sooner or later, you will end up with that enviable hair that you have always dreamed about.

Soft and thin hair also thrills pretty fast, which can be quite frustrating for a lady. This problem is so frustrating that sooner or later, you feel like just getting a ponytail and forgetting about all kinds of styles and techniques. You do not have to despair though, but just pay attention to a few simple tips and tricks. In the long run, you will be surprised by how efficient these ideas can get overtime.

Drying Hair after Washing It

According to most specialists, if some strands are left wet, they tend to pull the hair down and keep it stuck to your head. If you do not have the time to air dry and you need to use the dryer, make sure that you use a microfiber towel first. Tap your hair over and over again, as it clears the moisture. Drying it becomes way easier with a machine then. Once you come out of the shower, cover your hair with a towel and let it there for a few minutes. Dry it mildly, without rubbing. You will notice the moisture moving on, while the hair will dry easier and gain more volume. Since it is partially dry, you will not even expose it to the heat for too long.

Air Pushes and Swells Hair

Interested in volume? A dryer is the simplest choice says the owner of Jenn’s Haircare Blog. It does not mean that you have to exaggerate with such procedures then because you risk damaging it. Before drying, unclog the hair and pay special attention to it. Make sure that you can comb it before. Use a medium temperature and rely on a brush with rare and perforated pins. Why? It is extremely useful in raising the roots. Once you are done drying, cover it into a cold air flurry, since it boosts the volume even more. Remember that you should not do it everyday. More is not necessarily better. Exaggerate and you will regret it later.

Use the Right Brush

A good brush is supposed to respect several rules for extra volume. It should be designed for mild curls. This kind of style raises the hair. If your hair is straight and you got no volume, you certainly dream about some playful curls. Create your own curls with a rotative brush. Start at the root of your hair and use the tool on each strand at a time. Once you are done with the strands, take your fingers through the curls in the attempt to provide a more natural aspect. You can just as well bend your neck and shake your head a couple of times for a “swollen” appearance. Specialists agree that you should avoid hair sprays. They put pressure and weight on it, so they kill the volume.


As a short final conclusion, having thin hair does not necessarily ruin all your options and possibilities. Indeed, you do have more options at your disposal, yet it is imperative to actually stick to them. Implement these ideas into your hair care and styling procedures. Results are less likely to show up overnight though, but they will most likely surprise you in the long run.