The best Instagram Bot for 2018

Many famous Instagram Bots have been affected by the recent Instagram crackdown and some have even been closed down. This has left a gap in the market and many people seeking for an effective and reliable alternative.

What is a Bot?

A Bot is primarily used to increase your Instagram followers and engage with them. Unlike doing this manually, the bot is an automated service. Therefore it is a more time effective way to grow your business or brands niche market with a programme.

Now it is used as a marketing tool by many businesses

This is why many businesses have been using social media platforms especially Instagram to build and grow their brand.

Most Bots have similar features and benefits

Most of the Bots available on the market have similar features which are for function and performance in order to maximize the audience you reach through interaction and to grow your account following.

A popular strategy to grow your account and to increase exposure is the ‘’ follow, like comment ‘’ approach. This involves finding accounts that are relevant to yours and to follow users that follow this account.  Once you have followed these users it is important to engage with these them by liking their content and commenting on it. The hope is that they will engage with you and give your account a follow back. It is important to engage with your own followers also by replying to any comments that they write on your posts. Although these are effective methods, all of this requires commitment and is very time-consuming. Also, a follow back is not guaranteed. A Bot can do all of this tedious time-consuming work for you on autopilot. This will allow you to invest your time in other parts of your business.

The bot will not interact with every profile, it will find hashtags and select specific users to engage with that are relevant to your account.

A key feature of the bot is that you can schedule your posts and this feature even allows you to schedule multiple posts throughout the day. This will allow you to maintain a consistent flow of content posted without oversaturating users feeds at once which people find annoying.

What is the recommended best bot for 2018?

As mentioned before many of the popular Instagram Bots were recently shut down. This has left many people searching for a reliable and effective Bot. Follow Adder is one of the leading Instagram bots on the market. It can help to save you time and expand your account through creating more engagement. This will lead to more profile followers and likes on your account. If you would like to read a full review specifically on this bot, you can read about it here at