The Best Mass Planner Alternatives

If you’re an artist, performer or entrepreneur, you may have heard of the effects a well done Instagram account may have on your brand. Chances are you’ve looked into how previously successful brands have developed their pages. What if I told you that there’s a good chance you’re missing half the story? If you’re interested, keep reading.

Instagram and the chase

Instagram’s marketing power is, at this point, undeniable. The biggest brands use it to engage their clients and influence the market. Getting attention on the platform would do a major justice to one’s ability to create conversions and add worth to their brand. So, why is it so difficult?

Gaining a proper following, for normal people, can be a daunting task, to say the least. The biggest brands were often big before Instagram. The influencers were usually early adopters of the platform or already famous. For those of us that aren’t famous, the road to achieving the target level of attention needed to create offline movement takes tremendous effort to walk.

Having a proper plan of course helps. Uploading and curated high-quality content will make a difference. Matching it with inspiring captions and hashtagging appropriately is basic protocol. Those that go the extra mile even create behind the scene “stories”, tag others and have well thought out themes. Why isn’t this enough oftentimes?

Dirty secrets

If you’re developing your page the “right” way, you will gain a following. It may be a slow grind to where you want to be, but if your content is all quality, there is nothing stopping you. It will remain a matter of time and effort. What if I told you that many influencers don’t play the game that way?

Minus the major brands that can afford social media teams to plan and curate content, Instagram users are on their own. Taking high definition photos, writing inspiring captions and engaging with those that notice can be time-consuming. Following the hashtags to like and comment on all the appropriate pages absolutely is. Top influencers and businesses have found a way around this. The bot.

The Instagram bot has become the secret sauce to the success of many brands. While they may not admit it, it’s the bot that likes and comments on the thousands of other accounts daily. It’s the bot that brings legitimate engagement to their pages through false pretenses. This doesn’t come without scrutiny, however.

The pros and cons

There was an experiment run in which the individual made two Instagram accounts. They were both photography galleries and even used the same photos. He chose to upload his photos in black and white on one and chose to use the bot for this account. Over a years time it had a much greater following and this, understandably irked him.

Over the course of the year, his bot had engaged with so many other pages that the general nature of his “comments” and obvious oversaturation of likes was all but ignored. He’d created a real following through no real effort of his own. This was done simply by playing a numbers game and to those with a strong sense of ethics, this is wrong.

Luckily for these individuals, the programming staff are coming down on the sites that offer botting services. Popular bots like the ones offered by Mass Planner have been taking offline for breaking the spamming rules of the Instagram user agreement. This is definitely a positive sign for those that want to see the death of bots.

For those that don’t

All of us aren’t interested in the death of bots, however. Someone people enjoy the efficiency and would like to live their lives offline. If that you, check out this article on Mass Planner Alternatives – 4 of the Best Replacements. There aren’t many still in existence and they’re slowly being phased out. So, while they’re still available, feel free to grab the opportunity.

While the bot may not be something to brag about (or it may) the efficacy can’t be understated. Just make sure to avoid being obvious.