The Importance of Biker Basics

Motorbikes are exhilarating to ride. There is just something about them that makes anyone feel the adrenaline rush the moment they step on a bike. From dirt bikes to Harley Davidson, the passion for riding is all the same. Safety is something that shouldn’t be pushed to one side when riding any kind of motorbike. What gear you decide on wearing can be the difference between life and death. If you are new to motorbikes or planning to become the next biker, it is essential to spend a little time reading up on Biker’s Basics.

A helmet is the most important part of the bike gear. It is advisable not to select just any helmet to protect your noggin but to look for the highest quality helmets available. Coming off a bike at any speed has a higher impact on the head than one would expect. This shouldn’t be the end of the clothing search as all motorbike clothing is essential to keeping the rider in one piece.

Just any old jacket will not do for motorbike clothing. Motorbike jackets are specifically designed to protect arms, chests, and backs in the event of a fall. They have built in casings to protect the most vulnerable parts of the body from not only road rash but from major breaks, too. The jackets are constantly updating to give the rider more flexibility, airflow, and a more comfortable ride.

Leather gloves will help protect your hands just like the rest of the clothing. Motorbike gloves are specifically designed to keep the hands safe in the event of a crash. What’s more, the gloves will keep hands toasty and warm during the ride. The gush of air that streamlines over bike and rider can become quite a chill even on the warmest of days.

Riding pants have the same armor casing that is found in the jacket and gloves. As with all the clothing, the designers are working diligently to make the clothing appear more fashionable, but their number one rule when creating new clothing is safety first. So again, don’t skimp out on the riding pants!

Biker boots are not only designed to protect feet and ankles in the event of a crash, but also to protect feet on the bike itself. Sneaker laces can get caught up in the mechanics of the bike, causing major injury, or even be fatal if the bike is in motion at the time.

As with all the mentioned clothing, only the highest quality materials should be used. In the event of an accident, hopefully not a life threatening one, all the clothing should be thoroughly inspected for any signs of cracks, wear or tear, or any damage at all. Helmets should be replaced as visible damage is not always seen; therefore they cannot guarantee to do their job properly in the event of another fall.

There are other things to consider are on the bike itself. Just like a car, bikes need security when stationed. A hefty lock and chain will persuade others to keep walking by instead of attempting to steal the bike. Bike alarms have been created for the same reason. If the intentions of another are to steal a bike, they won’t want to draw attention to themselves by a noisy bike alarm. Backpacks for bikers have been made with only the highest quality to house chains and alarms when not in use. Just like the sneakers, tabs and straps can cause problems to the rider. Biker bags have been designed without and dangling parts to keep riders safe. None of this equipment is to hinder the rider, but must be taken into full consideration when selecting gear for both comfort and safety.