Three Signs of People with Hidden Agenda

If you feel that your employees are up to something unacceptable, you may have an odd sensation in your gut that something is just off. From their behavior, you’re almost convinced that they are doing something against you. Either they are staging a coup or they are planning to overpower one of their colleagues.

Here are the signs that you need to watch your back:

1 – They Tend to Behave a Certain Way around Certain People

The first sign of employees with hidden agenda is their behavior. They exhibit selective treatment by treating certain people differently. While they tend to show commendable behavior when they are with respectable people, they also tend to belittle others.

If they are among janitors, waiters, and other people who obviously don’t have something to offer them, they behave rudely. They don’t show good manners and are unapologetic about their behavior.

Meanwhile, if you put them next to top executives and higher authorities, you will notice a difference. They tend to be incredibly well-mannered, accommodating, and sociable.

2 – They Tend to Rationalize Unacceptable Behavior

People with ulterior motives also tend to rationalize unacceptable behavior. While completely aware of the wrongdoing, they don’t want you to reprimand them for being on the wrong side. Instead, they would convince you to see that their behavior is worth tolerating.

For example, your employee submitted a report late. When you tried to bring it to her attention, she was defensive, and it seemed like she was asking you to accept her tardiness. She explained to you that her internet connection was slow, which is why she believes a timely submission is almost impossible.

3 – They Tend to Be Fickle-Minded

Lastly, people with hidden agenda tend to be fickle-minded. They are indecisive because they lean towards the completion of at least two goals.

Moreover, their fickle-mindedness tends to extend to social media. Some of these people have multiple profiles on social networks. One profile shows their real character, and the other profiles are for other people’s impressions. Thus, it can be challenging to uncover their identity. Which one of their profiles is the fake one and which ones are based on real information?

If an employee seems suspicious in this manner, an online ID card template system will help with that. Mandate all of your employees to give you their names – a site name or an alias will do. This will provide you with information on their identities.


Being in the presence of people whom you think have hidden agenda can be exhausting. For you, something is just not right with their character and you feel that slowing them down will mislead any plans against you and your company. But, as much as you want to call them out (for what may be nothing), remember you need to play fair.

Don’t rule out the fact that they have feelings as much as you do, too. You need to respect their unique ways. Accusing them of having a suspicious character is not the best idea. Being the boss may offer you more privileges, but you shouldn’t abuse this power by unnecessarily calling people out. Instead, just keep mum and let them be – granted you’re observant and you’re careful.