Three Underrated Kitchen Essentials

When renovating, moving into or even building a house, there is more than enough to remember when it comes to the necessary basics.

Particularly the kitchen, there is an endless list of appliances and accessories to write up and remember. It’s hard sometimes to separate the essential from the convenient and even harder to put the time and energy into hunting down the exact right product that’s going to last ten years and never give you any grief. But with some parts of the kitchen, it pays to put in the effort and get it correct the first time so that you don’t end up taking two or three steps back wishing you had purchased that other product instead. Here are three underrated kitchen essentials to make sure you get right, and they’ll stay with you until you renovate, move or build again.

The first underrated kitchen essential is – surprisingly – the trash can.

Not a lot of thought is put into the garbage can when thinking about a kitchen – it’s a lot easier to get excited about what color the jug is going to be, and where you’ll be able to find matching tea towels, so it’s all color coordinated. But the trash can is an essential part of a high functioning kitchen, especially if you have factors like children or pets. There are many factors to take into consideration when choosing a trash can – how easy do I want it to be accessed, is it going to fit under that bench, how much trash are we going to get through as a growing family? Trash that has some constructive and informative reviews that will aid you in your decision making, and help you choose the right trash can.

The second underrated kitchen essential is – again somewhat surprisingly – the fridge.

If you’re moving into a house, often the fridge comes with it, which takes any thought of what it might be like out of the equation and you just accept it for what it is. But if you’re renovating or building your house and have yet to pick out the fridge for the kitchen, it’s a good chance to do some research into just what refrigerators offer these days and see if you can’t get one that’s best going to fit you and your family’s needs. A significant factor to take into consideration when thinking about a fridge is the energy bill – which is also helpful to remember if you’re moving into a house that already has a fridge. Asking questions like how old is the fridge will help you determine just how much energy it’s churning through, and if you can do anything to improve that.

The third and final underrated kitchen essential is the dishwasher.

Twenty years ago, the dishwasher was an innovative, slick new design that took washing the dishes to a whole new level of convenience. Not everybody had a dishwasher, so those that were lucky enough to be able to afford one were easily a little bit better off than those who still had to hand wash dishes. Because the dishwasher is now such an essential item in the kitchen, it’s good to do some thorough research into the range available and see if you can’t start out on the right foot to prevent any grief in the future. Plus, most dishwasher repair companies charge by the minute, so a faulty dishwasher that’s always coming apart can end up costing you a lot more in the long run – it’s good to choose right the first time.

Playing house and building up the domestic essentials can be a slow and mundane task sometimes, especially with Murphy’s law almost guaranteeing a faulty appliance or breakdown at some point. Learning the essentials and what they offer in the kitchen from the very beginning can set you up to be kitchen savvy in no time, and save you a lot of money in the long run as you invest in the best products that are out there, catered specifically to you and your family’s needs. There’s no point settling for less if you can invest in the best.