Tips On How To Keep Your Stock Safe

Running a business is challenging and no wonder more than half of startups come down crushing within their first five years of operation. Some of the major challenges include competition and poor marketing strategies from the team tasked with various duties. Another challenge is security which is a threat to businesses that deal with physical products as well as those that deal with digital products. The risk of losing all your investment and stock to burglars can be frustrating and lead to the closure of your venture. Luckily, you can keep your important documents and stock safe through the following ways.

Install burglar proof doors

Most thieves access various premises through the main door or the windows. They use them as points of entry by mastering the patterns, forging keys or even using weak points that might be on them. Keeping your doors and windows in tip-top shape can help protect your precious investment. Ensure that only people that you can trust have access to your safes and have the keys to the main door. If you suspect that someone has mastered the pattern of your locks, change it immediately and also make it a routine. Lubricate the moving parts to make it easy to open the door and windows.

Have a good inventory system

Dealing with stock can be hectic especially when you do not have a system that can track. You may not have enough time for stocktaking on a daily basis. A good system will detect when a certain item moves out and update the records accordingly. Ensure that you have a trustworthy person to manage your stock when the system is down. The person who receives the inventory should not be the same person to record in the warehouse. You should have some sort of network where stock passes through various people to prevent loss.

Rent an external safe house

There are times you may find yourself with extra stock that you cannot hold in your warehouse. It can also be some important documents that you cannot afford to lose. Getting a safe warehouse can be the solution to all your problems in such cases. Look for a good storage space such as which is easy to access all day long and with superb security. You can carry on with your normal duties knowing that your possessions are safe and free from interference.

Employ security personnel

Not every human being that enters your premises has good intentions or is there to conduct business with you. There may also be some members of staff who are not trustworthy and can steal your stock or assets that crucial for daily operation. Having a security team can save you thousands or millions of losses every year. It will be their duty to ensure that only authorized people to enter designated areas. The security team can also note unusual behavior within your business premise and raise the alarm on time. It is advisable to deal with experts in this field because they understand the industry better.