What Are Drones Used For?

Unless you have been living under a rock, you have probably heard about the increase in popularity of drones. You may even have seen people flying drones. You may think they are great, and you are desperate to buy one. As the price can vary greatly, make sure you find out everything that you can about different drones, before you buy. Find a specialist drone site like rotorcopters.com who take the confusion out of buying a drone with reviews and useful information.

Equally, you may have failed to see the attraction of playing with what is basically a toy. Have you ever wondered what these people actually do with drones? You may well be surprised at their versatility. As a drone is unmanned and flown remotely, they can go into dangerous or inaccessible areas. This gives them many uses.

Live Events

If you have attended any large scale outdoor live events, you may well have noticed a drone overhead. Drones can capture great footage of sporting events, festivals or live music events. The footage from a drone is great because the drones can manoeuvre so quickly that you get a great aerial view. They are being used more and more for sports photography including during the last winter Olympics.


There are many companies either investigating or actually doing, small parcel delivery. Customers buy a small parcel online and it is delivered, very quickly, by drone. Anything that reduces the amount of vans on our roads can only be a good thing. They have also successfully been used to distribute blood supplies in some countries.


There are many places in the world that are either inaccessible or very dangerous to get to. Surveying them by drone has made these places more accessible than they have ever been. Scientists have been able to investigate and study volcanoes with the aid of drones. Something they have never been able to safely do previously. A drone is also a very good tool for geographic mapping.


Although drones are still fairly much in their infancy, there have already been examples of drones being used to help with search and rescue operations. Because drones not only have cameras, but can also be fitted with thermal imaging cameras, they are invaluable in the search for missing people.


Unlikely as it may sound, drones can also assist with conservation efforts. Organizations are able to see the groups of animals without having to enter their territory. This can help their conservation and protection efforts better than human interaction.


Commercial photographers are embracing the concept of drones. It is becoming quite fashionable to have drones taking pictures at weddings. They are able to take pictures that a normal photographer would be unable to take. Drone photography is even entering the world of real estate as you can take some great footage of new properties and the local area.

Drones are useful for personal photography too. If you love to walk or hike, pop a drone in your backpack to take videos and photos of the views and scenery you visit. People with more extreme hobbies such as canoeing or climbing can take amazing shots.


Drones are big in the worlds of movies and commercials too. Gone are the days of hiring expensive helicopters when you can shoot great aerial footage from a drone.


Aside from commercial and humanitarian uses, drones are very popular with normal people who use them just for fun. Probably the number one use is to take a selfie using a drone from a height. This has the added bonus of being able to include more people in the shot.

A new hobby thanks to the advent of drones is drone racing. The competitive races are very popular and there are many drone flying competitions. Some races even have the competitors wearing first-person view goggles, so they feel as if they are flying the drone.

Whether you are a fan or not, drones are here to stay. There will be any number of uses for drones in the future. Companies and organisations are busy thinking up new ways to use them to benefit from this technology. They are great for personal recreational use too. Now is the time to enter the world of drones.