Women Like To Feel Pretty

It is important to women to feel good about themselves as a person and how they look. Because of this, women, as a gender, spend millions of dollars a year on trying to feel beautiful. This industry is lucrative and ever changing depending on cultural norms and trends of the time. There are many different ways that women do this, and it involves various different categories. These categories include attire, hair, makeup, skin, cosmetic surgery, and inner beauty. All of these are things that women enjoy doing because it makes them feel good.


Women like to hit the department stores and boutiques to get the latest fashion trends and clothes to keep their closets up to date. Everything from shoes, lingerie, work attire, and name brands are all different types of attire that women spend money on. There are even major fashion centers across the world that hold famous fashion designers show their latest clothing lines, like Milan and New York City. The clothes that women wear reflect their personality, individuality, and style. Women have fun creating outfits to show off this style and individuality.

Women, many times, have favorite brands and designers whose clothes they like to buy. They will follow these designer’s new lines and their work in the top high fashion magazines. They also look to their favorite reality stars, singers, actresses, and sports stars for inspiration for great new outfits and fashion ideas.


Having a good hair day is another way that women can feel pretty on a given day. They want to have shampoos and conditioners that are best for their hair types. They also want to have the best equipment they can afford so they can do their hair on a daily basis. Oomphed! is a great website that women can look to in order to find the best supplies, according to the recommendations and reviews of others. Women love to dye their hair and switch it up in accordance with the current trends and seasonal norms.

They even enjoy regular trips to the salon to get their hair done or completely changed for a fresh new look. Many have a hairstylist that they have been going to for many years. They establish a relationship with their stylist and they trust that their stylist knows what they like and how to cut their type of hair.


Many women get up everyday before work or school and do their makeup because it is another way for them to feel pretty. They can use fun colors and accents to highlight their favorite features of their faces. Many times, they will have a preferred brand and style to the way that they do their makeup. Women also spend money to get their makeup done professionally before big events like proms, weddings, and major parties.


Skin care is another thing that women do, not only to maintain healthy skin, but to also feel pretty. Soft, healthy skin can really make women feel beautiful, even when they are not wearing makeup or when they are just hanging out at home.  From lotion, soaps, and age defying creams, women take care of their skin to feel beautiful and to try and maintain a youthful glow. Some even spend money on regular dermatologist trips to keep up on the health of their skin.


Keeping their nails done or painted is another great way for women to feel pretty. Their nails can reflect a lot of different things about that woman. Everything from her favorite color to her individuality, nails can make a woman feel feminine and pretty. They even take regular trip to the salon to get fresh nail art done to keep things fresh, new, and different. They spend money on different polish and hardeners, so they can keep their nails nice in between salon trips.

Cosmetic Surgery

Some women go so far as to have cosmetic surgery done so they can make sure they feel and stay pretty for as long as possible. Although all these other topics are things that women do on a fun level, cosmetic surgery is taking it to the extreme. They change their noses, have implants done on different parts of their bodies, and get liposuction to make sure that their bodies stay the way they want them to look forever.

Inner Beauty

Most women know that true beauty comes from within. They do all these other things because it makes them happy, but they take inner beauty as the most important thing. They want to make sure that they are good people, mothers, sisters, daughters, aunts, and coworkers above all else. Feeling good about who they are will help to guarantee that they are beautiful. They realize that there is nothing more beautiful than a woman who has great self-esteem and character.

Women have enjoyed feeling pretty since the beginning of time, it seems like. Women work so hard every day to provide a great home for their children, be great wives, loving daughters and sisters, and considerate co-worker. After all of that, they deserve to feel beautiful and confident in whatever what makes them happy.  There is nothing wrong with a hardworking woman wanting to feel good about herself, both inside and out. It the worst thing that a woman does is spend some money on herself every once and a while, then she should go ahead and do it.